B. Hayden is a figurative artist born and raised in Houston, Texas, and received her B.F.A. in Drawing and Painting from the University of North Texas. 

B’s paintings are often created with oil on canvas using expressive gestures and solid lines. She’s a figurative artist that focuses on breaking the form down to shapes and hard colors creating a lush and almost cake like texture and developing her own language with the paint. 

B often creates her own reference images to fit a specific narrative, or snaps photos from everyday life. Over the years she started wandering into synesthesia; wondering about the relation between numbers and colors. Both are a continuous infinite spectrum, and she couldn’t help but wonder why she thought of specific colors when hearing certain numbers. She pondered a similar subject when she was writing in her journal, and realized that her handwriting changed when her mind wandered from topic to topic. She noticed that the eligibility of her handwriting depended on what she was thinking about and the emotions that her thoughts inflicted. 

Later, B decided to transfer this method over to drawing and painting, and experiment with line and color instead of word. She noticed her lines varied from small frantic gestures to large bold strokes depending on what she was thinking about, or how she was feeling. 

Over the years she's been involved in a number of group exhibitions and 2 solo exhibitions. She’s recently relocated to Brooklyn, New York, and is a resident at Oasis Studios with Paradice Palase starting January 2021.